How to make a live stream on YouTube.

Attention! Google enlisted the Hangouts On Air feature on August 1, 2019. However, there are still two ways to stream via YouTube. One basic and one more complete form. We recommend that you use the fullest form through the OBS software.

Learn some of the ways to stream it live on YouTube at the Webinar Center:

1)OBS Studio

The most widely used live streaming tool in the world. It is super powerful and allows you to do what you dream of broadcasting. Learn more about how to use it by clicking the link below:

2) Lightstream

It looks like OBS Studio and has almost all the same features, but with some very helpful features, such as inviting presenters. No software installation required, but only requires a simple Google Chrome extension for screen sharing. Access by

3) YouTube Webcam ou App

Super easy, but super basic. You can do it from your computer or mobile phone (via the YouTube App). But it does not allow more than one presenter and not even share your screen. So simple that you don't need a tutorial.

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