How to set up your webinar

Step by step how to set up your webinar.

See how easy it is to prepare your webinar.

Basically all the information that is shown on the registration page are in these first two "Information" and "Presenters" tabs.

During the pre-release phase you only need to worry about filling well those two tabs.

They present information such as:

  • the description of your webinar;

  • if you want to request the telephone number and e-mail of the viewers;

  • or if you want to send a confirmation email at the time of registration.

You can also place a video call on the signup page.

To do this, you only need to copy the code of the video that should already been published on YouTube and paste it into the "Display video" field.

Soon below you must mark one or more transmissions. Click on the "Add Date and Time" button. Set the date and then set the time. Then set the time zone. This is very important because your webinar can reach people who are in other time zones.

Click the "Save" button.

Ready! Now see that your registration page is already working.

Click on the Subscription Address link. This is the page that you must disclose to your audience.

Check if all the information is well filled and start to publish the Registration Address!

Note that if you have marked more than one broadcast date, options for your viewer appear in the first field of the form.

After two hours these schedules, automatically disappear.

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