How to use chat

Tips for making the most of chat

At the time of your broadcast, use your webinar dashboard chat. Do not use YouTube chat.

To view chat messages, click the blue button (indicated by the red arrow in the image below) of your broadcast time. Chat messages will appear below.

When you send messages through the dashboard, your messages will be highlighted in yellow.

Important tip

Performing live and managing messages at the same time is quite labor intensive. With that in mind, we created the option for you to follow and chat via mobile. To do this, click on the small icon next to the blue button with the right mouse button> Copy link address.

Then copy this address to your phone. An easy way to do this is to send via WhatsApp. Then you will see your broadcast chat on your phone like this:

Another way to access chat from your phone is through the Webinar Center app for Android. Click the link to access it:

Let us know through Online Support if you have any questions.

Have a nice presentation!

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