Is your YouTube account ready to stream live?

You already know well YouTube and should know that it is the fastest online server service in the world. That's why the Webinar Center uses YouTube features to broadcast live.

However newer YouTube accounts need enable some features.

Let's see if your account already has those features.

Access your YouTube account and click on your avatar (round icon at top right); then click Settings, then click Additional Features.

If you have difficulty to find this path, you can directly access the website

In the blocks that appear, your account must have the features of "Live Streaming" and "Embedding Live Streaming" enabled.

In case they are activated everything is ready! = D

However, if they are disabled, follow the next steps.

First, in the "Live stream" block, click on "Activate" button. Then proceed with the verification. As soon as you've completed this verification, YouTube will enable this feature within 24 hours. So do not leave this to do at the last minute.

After that you need to enable the "Embed live streams" feature. However the way to do this is to start activating the "Recipe Generation" feature.

Click on "Activate" in the "Revenue Generation" block. Then click "Start." Check the fields agreeing to YouTube terms and proceed.

You will need to click on the new "Start" button that asks you to create an account with Google Adsense. Click on the "Next" button, which will take you to the Adsense application form.

Fill in the form fields. Notice that the address of the "Your website" field is the address of your channel on YouTube. Agree with the Google Adsense terms and proceed. If a new form appears, fill in your data and click Submit.

The form will redirect you back to YouTube and will display a new "Start" button. Click on it and then "Save."

Ready! Although YouTube shows you a fourth step, you should ignore it because it is not necessary to enable the features you need.

Now you just need wait another 12 hours and those resources needed to make the Webinar Center live transmissions will be enabled.

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