Apply polls, surveys and forms during your webinar.

There are dozens of online survey software that are far better than our competitors poll and survey capabilities. So why not use the best in the world for your webinar?

We chose Typeform (www.typeform.com) as the most suitable tool for you to do your surveys, polls and forms. Typeform is extremely simple to use and integrate into Webinar Center.

Remember that in addition to these advantages, Typeform is a super robust results analysis tool and has a very nice design.

Prices: free!

Typeform has a free 10 survey plan with up to 10 questions each. You can receive up to 100 responses per month. Free is much better, right ?!

How to integrate

Once you have created your Typeform account and created your form, click Share (as in the image below):

Then copy your form's sharing address, like this image below ...

And paste it into the Survey tab, as in the image below. And ready!

In the Chat tab the option "Show survey button" will appear. Enable this button when you want the button to be shown to your viewers.

Common questions

Are surveys done at the beginning or end of the webinar?

The button that initiates the search is shown when you activate the "Show Search Button" button that appears on the Chat tab. That is, you can apply search at the beginning, end, or throughout the webinar. It is you who controls this button.

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