Sales button: CTA

How to use the offer button to sell your products.

You can make an offer by showing a buy button as well as an attractive image about your product / goal.

Here's how the button looks to your viewers:

How to show the CTA button

By default, the button is disabled. You must click the Show CTA Button button (shown below) to show it. You can do this anytime, even during your live broadcast that your button will be shown to your viewers within seconds.

Schedule auto show

To schedule CTA auto-display, simply fill in the "Show automatically" field with the time (in minutes) that the CTA should be displayed.

In this example above, the CTA will be automatically displayed when the video reaches 25 minutes.

The display condition is linked to the time (position) of the video. So if you want to make them watch the video so they can see the CTA, just disable the video controls as follows:

Broadcasting tab> Show player controls for participants

Broadcasting > Show player controls for participants

When using this feature, leave the CTA button disabled on the Chat tab: "Hide CTA Button".

Some payment methods

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